How To Prepare For Your First Driving Lesson

You will benefit more from driving lessons if you are adequately prepared. Below are some of the things that you can do to enable you to become successful when you go for your first driving lesson with a private instructor.

Learn the Basic Road Rules

You should buy a copy of the rules that govern motorists in your area. Check the website of the transportation authorities in case these rules may be available free of charge. Read and understand those rules so that your first lesson can proceed smoothly. Reading the rules in advance will also enable you to ask helpful questions about the rules that are not clear. The instructor will respond to those queries so that you have no doubts about how you are expected to behave when you are driving.

Get Familiar With the Vehicle

It is also helpful for you to familiarise yourself with the vehicle that you will be using during your driver training. Pay special attention to the different controls during this familiarisation exercise. For example, you should be able to identify where the different primary controls, such as the brakes, gear lever and the horn are located. Find out how each of them is used. You should also get information about the secondary controls, such as the windscreen wipers and the locks on the car doors.

Know the Checks Needed

You can also prepare for your first driving lesson by doing some research about the checks that a driver is expected to perform before driving a vehicle. These include conducting a visual inspection of the tyres and the different lights on the vehicle. You should also look underneath the vehicle to identify any fluid leaks that may need to be investigated and fixed before they compromise the safety of the vehicle. The pre-drive checks are primarily aimed at confirming that the vehicle is roadworthy. Practice how to perform this safety and roadworthiness inspection before you go for the lesson.

The first driving lesson rarely involves actual driving. This lesson is intended to equip you with the basic knowledge and skills that you will need when you start driving in other lessons. It is therefore essential for you to grasp the concepts taught during this lesson so that you do not encounter any problems. Ask your instructor to clarify anything that you cannot comprehend. It may also be helpful for you to review the material covered that day after the lesson ends so that you do not forget anything important.