How to Choose an Early Learning Centre

Choosing an early learning centre for your child is one of the most important decisions that a parent will have to make concerning the child's education. An early learning centre marks the first contact with formal education and often provides a foundation to lifelong learning. You will, therefore, want to choose a centre that instills good values and that has an excellent curriculum. Below are some things you might want to do before selecting any given institution.

1.   Assess if it is the right fit

Finding the best learning setting for your child is key to helping them develop a good feeling about education and to establish positive relations with others. That is why getting it right is critical. You probably already have an idea of your child's strengths and weaknesses. You will want them to be in an environment where they will thrive.  

2.    Visit the school and talk to the educators

If you have shortlisted some learning centres, it will be a good idea to request a tour. This will give you an accurate picture of how the school looks like regarding structures and facilities. You will also be able to determine whether the settings provide an enabling environment for learning and whether your child would fit in well. You will also be able to note whether the other children look happy and engaged. Do not be afraid to ask about staff ratio. Talk to the centre manager and even some of the educators to get a glimpse into how their programs work.

3.    Consider Location and proximity

An early learning centre that is close to where you work or live would be ideal for your and your child's convenience. This will mean that drop-offs and pick-ups are manageable and less stressful. You will not have worries about getting late for a meeting after a drop-off or picking up your child in case there is an emergency. 

Remember, an excellent early learning centre will have facilities that can comfortably accommodate children with special needs, have well-educated child care educators, have well-developed child development programs, and ensure a secure environment. Do not forget that at that young age, playing is a vital component for a child's development. Therefore, the centre should have favourable policies concerning play. The right early learning centre, such as Hopskotch Kindergarten, will give your child the best foundation in education, skills development, create pleasant interactions with others and instill good moral values.