Hiring a Nanny? This is What you Need to Do

The prospect of leaving your toddler or newborn with an utter stranger is overwhelming. Now that you have to go work, it becomes a reality you should embrace. Unfortunately, Nanny McPhee and Mary Poppins are out of reach. However, these tried and practical tips can make your quest to find a nanny less perturbing. 

Define What You Are Looking For

Before you set out to find a nanny, it is imperative that you define what your family needs. Start out by writing down a job description for the position. The most important thing to clarify here are the responsibilities you expect of them. Are you looking to find a nanny solely for child care? Does the job include house cleanliness, or is there some element of tutoring involved? From there you can proceed to include the days and time, and the qualification or attributes you would like the person filling the position to have. This will keep you on track during the entire process. 

Use a Nanny Agency

Today, you no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth referrals from colleagues and family. While it still works to some degree, the strife is real. The best option when looking to find a nanny is to approach the professionals. A nanny agency is an excellent route to go, especially for families employing nannies for the first time and those pressed for time. 

You probably didn't know that using a nanny agency cuts about 40 hours of effort from the hiring process. An agency screens candidates in advance and interviews couples to get a rough picture of what they want. They will then send you only the candidates' portfolios that matched your specifications. At the very least, you will be only interviewing candidates who've met a certain threshold of your requirements.

Schedule a Face to Face Interview

If you want to find an excellent nanny, then you cannot overlook the importance of an in-person interview. After narrowing down your list of prospective candidates, the interview is your chance to learn their personality and ask the necessary questions. You also want to ask unusual questions to reduce the instance of receiving canned answers. Additionally, you can also have your child present as part of the interview. Their level of interaction and the response you get from the child is an excellent indicator whether or not to hire them. Ultimately, you also want to learn more about their previous employment and the discipline strategy they use on children.

Nannies are an integral aspect of a child's development, and it is critical that you hire correctly. Before you can leave your child alone with your nanny, it is advisable that you be present in their first two to three meetings just to break the ice.