3 Ways Your Boarding Kennels Benefit From Charity Sponsorship

As your business grows, you have more time and money to play with. When you first set up, breaking even and then making a profit were your primary goals; now, you may be looking for ways to give something back.

For example, you may be considering signing up for a corporate sponsorship project with a charity. While this obviously benefits the charity, sponsorship donations also help your kennels. How?

1. Make a Good Impression

If you go the extra mile and sponsor a charity, you create a good impression of your kennels. People know that you have chosen to donate; this isn't something you have to do. Sponsorship makes you and your business look more caring.

While your clients mainly care about the way you look after their dogs, charity sponsorship creates another positive connection with them. Your clients are more likely to continue to use your services if they feel good about you generally; they're also more likely to recommend you to other people who need kennels care.

2. Get Extra Advertising and Marketing

There's only so much you can do to advertise and market your boarding kennels in traditional ways. Extending your advertising, say by buying bigger or more frequent adverts, may not bring in enough extra clients to cover the additional costs. It won't get your name in front of clients in different target markets.

If you sign up for corporate sponsorship, the deal gives you free marketing and advertising for your kennels. For example, you can submit a press release to newspapers, radio stations and specialist online dog care sites; they may run pieces on you and your sponsorship deal.

This could help attract new customers who haven't heard of you yet. It may also encourage people who've not been attracted by other adverts to give your kennels a go.

3. Get Tax Breaks

While corporate sponsorship costs money, this may not cost as much as you think. If your charity is a deductible gift recipient (DGR), then you may qualify for tax breaks and deductions on your sponsorship costs.

Charity sponsorship is often most effective if you connect with a charity that is related to your business and that appeals to your clients. For example, if you sponsor a program where kids improve literacy skills by reading to dogs, then you have an obvious connection with your kennels business. You also appeal to dog owners and parents who will appreciate the charity you have chosen.